How to get to Poland

Firstly, we recommended to contact us in order to discuss all available travel options when you are going to Poland. Secondly, for your information, citizens of the EU as well as several other countries do not require a Visa to gain entry to Poland. However, it is imperative for all travelers to carry proper and valid identification document at all times when you are going abroad. Apart from these, you can easily access Poland by plane by choosing the major cities as your destination. These destinations are: WARSAW, GDAŃSK, KRAKÓW, SZCZECIN, WROCŁAW. Poland can be reached by international flights. Low-budget flights are also available, making your trip affordable. Please, take a look on the presenting blow an average travel time form/to well known cities on the world. AVERAGE TRAVEL TIME FROM/TO POLAND (WARSAW) Berlin (1hour) Copenhagen (1hour) Dubai (6hours) Geneva (2hours) London (2hours) Moscow (2hours) Munich (1hour) Rome (2hours) Vienna (1hour) Zurich (2hours)

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